Matt's BMT info:

Info on my planning and preparation can be found on this blog. My VMs from the trail checkpoints will be posted below:

Matt is in !!! 5 days 23 hours 16 mins (Matt's Report)


Photo from the whole trip.

Video from the Start at Springer Mountain - 8:00 AM on 5/22/2009.

Latest news: afternoon 5/25 - matt is the only one still out there. he's BLAZING the trail. Lily and Kevin saw him along the trail after a series of serendipitous encounters.......he is haggard but moving well, thinking of pushing to near Deal's Gap monday night, then another 2 (?!?!?!!!) days to finish....there was talk of a sub 6 day will he fare? watch for updates tuesday if he can call in!!!!!!

Matt continues on - going for sub 6 days. Report from Deals Gap.Listen.

Matt at Hiawasee River/Webb Bros CG (mile 108.5) Listen.

Matt continues to lead - first to check in at Thunder Rock CG - 5-23 at about 5:10PM. Listen.

Matt first to check in on 5-22 at 5:10 PM. Listen.

Video of Matt and Kevin running together on Day 1.