History (Newest to Oldest):

05/24/2011: Carl Laniak starts self-supported northbound fastpack of BMT at 1:30 PM, Tuesday, May 24th. Mental and physical setbacks encourage him to reverse his route 45 miles in and return to his vehicle.

04/02/2010: Scott Brockmeier, crewed by Liz Bauer launches a northbound supported attempt of the BMT (going for sub-5 days). Unfortunately, a freak heat wave causes Scott to cut the attempt short.

05/22/2009: Five individuals start their self-supported fastpacks of the BMT together from Springer Mountain. Matt Kirk perseveres to the finish in 5d, 23h,16m. More information on this initial endeavor included in the table and hyperlinks below:

0.0 miles
...36.5 miles
...91.1 miles
...108.5 miles
...189.0 miles
...287.5 miles!
Mohammed Idlibi
5/22 8:00AM
5/22 7:56PM

Matt Kirk
5/22 8:00AM
5/22 5:10PM
5/23 5:10PM
5/24 10:30AM
5/26 11:15AM
5/28 7:16AM
Kevin Lane
5/22 8:00AM


Carl Laniak
5/22 8:00AM
5/22 10:37PM

Charlie Roberts
5/22 8:00AM
5/22 7:56PM