Carl Laniak's page:


I'm turning 30 on May 21, 2011.
What better way to celebrate than to take a week and finish something I started a couple years ago.
This time around, my mind is pretty clear and fresh. Personal stress levels are reasonable. Experience has grown, and I am ready to head out an appreciate some wilderness for a while!

The hike should start TUESDAY, MAY 24.....had to push back again so i can finish a work project!

I'm considering carrying the SPOT tracker, and Matt Kirk has volunteered to update the site with any google voice messages I manage to leave.
A small camera is definitely coming along this time.

I plan to finish the trek in under a week, which seems reasonable...40mi/day. If things work out and I'm inspired, a faster pace might be attempted, but initial plans are to keep it reasonable. 40 mi/day is tough enough. The main goal is to gain experience in self-sufficient trekking, speedy stuff (like sub 6 days!) can wait til next time, I just need to COMPLETE the trek.


matt and i started talking about this one more than 6 months ago, and i'm pretty pumped that it's come together.
i've been into this multiday stuff for a while, and while go-as-you-please isn't nearly as "fun" as a stage run, it's a cool beast.

we have some strong dudes (no dudettes, darn it!) in for a big adventure.

what will the main factors be?
my guesses are:
1) rain
2) hurting
3) tiredness
4) strong emotions (joy and self-pity)

good times.

Carl checks in on 5/22 at 10:37. Listen below.

CARL IS OUT. writing this from off trail.
I haven't been able to get my head right for any of my last 3 big adventure attempts.
i need some serious soul searching before i'll be successful.

WAY TO GO MATT and KEVIN! i can't believe charlie and mo are out!?!

i quit at mile 22 but continued on to mile 36 to spend the night in my bivy along the banks of the toccoa river. then i woke up and ate a meal, and went to 50 miles saturday at noon where i hitchhiked back to amicalola to get my van. of course this is disatisfying, physically i was in good form, i just could not get my head right, and i gave up. i need to focus on getting my head right, and then i know i can be successful in these "big ones."

this trail is rugged, the first 50 being significantly tougher than the first 50 of the AT. i could count the number of switchbacks in the first 50 miles on two hands.....and the climbs is steep!
the weather for the first 2 days was almost perfect. not too hot, with a breeze. certainly heavy sweating on ALL the climbs, but no direct sun. night one was also great, i slept comfortably.

peace, and good luck to those still out there!